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little people, BIG Design is committed to furthering the awareness and understanding of the issues of people with dwarfism.  We like to recognize the great work of our friends in the LP community and the designers who recognize the needs of people with all abilities.


If you would like to be included on this list please contact us

The Petruzzelli family, Clinton Brown, Alice and Grady Horndt - thank you and thank you to past, future, and present members of District 2 who have been instrumental in their help and support                

The Korpai family for all of the love and support they gave me in starting this business and their tireless work on the promoting awareness through websites and books.

         Understanding Dwarfism

         "Not Too Big...Not Too Small"                     

Robert Van EttenThe Ergo  Office Chair for Little people


Kathy D. Woods - Ready to Wear Fashions

Light Switch Extensions -

Deborah Tacoma Creator of Freedom Wand-  Personal hygiene aid

Dr. Marylou Naccarato -  Sexuality educator

Peggy O'Neill - Motivational Speaker

Tanyalee Davis - Comedian












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